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Workaway – The Pepper Farm

So Workaway, a great idea for people to take in some volunteering whilst away travelling and learn about new practices and skills from other people in other countries.

My first and yet it seems so perfect.

I have been immersed in pepper, from learning of its origins to its growth and meeting new friends along the way.









For a few hours work per day, we are fed and provided with beds on the farm alongside the farm workers.

If you have a skill ( and let’s face it, we all have something to offer) you can help in many ways from farms, homestays, educational programs to hostels and building projects.

For more information check out the website www.workaway.info 

If you own a farm or have a project you would like to have volunteers helping you then equally go to the website and sign up as a host


Red Peppercorns (approx 20-30) soaked in a litre of Gin for 2 weeks, then soaked in another  litre of Gin for 3 weeks and mixed together and you have what the cambodian’s say “A Party”




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