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Ko Samet

Getting here can be fun!!

See my following post, but once here, the WOW factor really does kick in.

Beautiful white clean sand and really clear blue sea it really is like a postcard picture.

However, get to the beach early if you want a good spot as it can get really busy.

I want for the weekend and although it rained a lot it was still a great place to be and people still came to the beach.

But then when it’s 32 degrees it is a far cry from my childhood holiday huddle together with family on a beach in Cornwall wrapped in towels and teeth chattering as you attempt to enjoy your annual holiday in torrential rain and 11 degrees British summer

( remember Cornwall mum?)

Walking along the beach at dusk and just sitting on the beach or having dinner was just an amazing setting.

Guys if you want to impress a lady then it is a great place to go, so many restaurants to choose from and the food is mouthwatering, especially recommend the fish as it just feels right sat 10 yards away from the sea.

White Sandy Sai Kaw





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