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March 2020

The Wedding of the Year

So forget Harry and Megan or William and Kate.

This one is the one we have all been waiting for…




Well if you knew Mr. Sok as I did then you would be as excited.

This typically shy guy has spent the last year since I met him singing the same song every day.

“Take me to your heart” by Michael learns to rock.

So much so that he had to translate the words to his mum as she got annoyed with him for singing all the time.

Well, he finally found his love. I know because he stopped singing😂

So having been to 4 Cambodian weddings (so good to be lucky enough to see them)

This was the special one, as I saw the whole two-day process

Many memories that I will treasure forever.

From the hair cutting ceremony to the mammoth amounts of food we had to eat and the multiple wardrobe changes ( well at least for the bride and groom anyway)

After 14 months I feel I know him better than some people I have known for 20 years.

A great guy and genuinely a nice person, I am so happy he has found someone who can take care of him as much as he will take care of her.

Equally shy she is a lovely person and I wish them nothing but respect and happiness forever.

What else happened in March?

Who cares…

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