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The Temple of the Golden Mount

Wat Saket or known as the Temple of the Golden Mount in the heart of the old city area of Bangkok

Fancy a climb?

A good workout with around 300 steps to climb to reach the top.

Best to go in the evening as you can ring the bells and see the sunset over historical Bangkok with some great views

As you ascend the mount you will see a graveyard which used to be where they cremated people who were too poor to be buried and during a mass plague thousands were cremated here.

I guess with so many people unknown buried there it is understandable the place has become overgrown with vines

A Buddha relic sent from Sri lanka was put inside the mount in the early 20th century and placed in the Chedi

The Chedi or Stupa which is a Buddhist mound shaped that houses relics and is a place of meditation

Its origins go back to the Ayutthaya period (1350- 1767 AD) where it was originally named Wat Sakae and is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok

During King Rama I’s reign (1782-1809) the temple underwent major renovations and renamed Wat Saket Ratcha Wora Maha Wihan


Great views for getting panoramic shots of Bangkok skyline and it is only 50 baht to enter so whilst smaller than most it is a must on your visit if you in Bangkok for more than a few days


Graham, November 2018

For more information 
Read more at: http://www.bangkok.com/attraction-temple/wat-saket.htm?cid=ch:OTH:001

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