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Car- Ubon to Pattaya

They drive on the right side of the road!

Well okay actually it is the left like we do in the UK but it is the right side for me LOL

One of the things I love about Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore is that they take the side of the road of Britain. The rest of the Southeast Asian countries take the European approach and drive on the right.

A long 8 hour plus drive across some amazing countryside in Thailand. Plenty of stops for coffee, toilet, and spicy food and although the destination is perhaps not one of the most recommended.

(see my post on Pattaya, to understand there is more to offer than the reputation)

After all, it is all about the journey.

Some of the roads, pass through mountains on either side. Although the roads are good here in Thailand compared to say Cambodia it is a big country.

Traveling from one place to another can still take a long time.


A lot of the journey is using the main route roads.

There are quieter and perhaps more scenic roads. But it was our first time driving and we wanted to experience the journey but do it in a day

A total of 633km is actually a long journey. It meant that we were setting off around 10 am it means it was going to be a late finish.


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