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Chinese New Year 2019


Chinese New Year is the Chinese festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar or lunar calendar. The festival is …

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Chinese New year 2019

Lots of celebrations and fireworks here in Cambodia the workers get into the spirit and party for 3 days before returning back to work.

Since as far back as the 13th Century China has had links with Cambodia or the Khmer Empire as it was known back then.

Many families in Cambodian can be traced back to having Chinese ancestry and therefore the celebrations would have been present as far back as then.

The Smell of Incense and meals being cooked for families and relatives coming from afar are mixed with the local food to create a pleasant aroma around the town in Kampot here in Cambodia.

In Vietnam, Chinese New Year is commonly known as Tet

Tet is celebrated locally by all Cambodians whether they are Chinese descendants or not, which is I guess normal as they embrace most cultures as they enjoy Western New Year and Chinese before celebrating Khmer New year last in April.

We celebrated by drinking local rice wine, which I have to say seems to get stronger the more you try it!☺

Did You Know?

Back in the 13th Century, Sailing from Mainland China to trade goods was a regular thing and what the Chinese found when they arrived was markets and trading was done by women.

So to avoid being taken advantage of, the Chinese traders took a local woman and many settled here, which links the two countries from an early time.

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