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Are Kindles a value when travelling?

Amazon Kindle (other reading devices available!)

They didn’t become the biggest and the best by chance,.

The good thing about Amazon Kindle is that one device can hold pretty much all you need when travelling and taking up a fraction of the space in your bag.

Rather than, carrying a collection of DVD movies, travel guides, and reading books.

Since I have been away travelling, the time available to spend catching up on reading both factual as well as fiction and a few self-help improvement books thrown in as made me realize how important having a digital reader really is.

I am very much old school when it comes to books.

From the age of 14 I liked nothing better than spending my Saturdays and all of my pocket money trawling through old dusty bookshops in my hometown and looking quizzically at the (usually) old man in charge.

Sat behind a big old antique desk covered in what looked like first edition books from every kind of subject, smoking a pipe and I thought to myself,  “will let me have all 3 I want for the price of 2 of them?”

(No buy 2 get one free in those days)

After about 2 months they got used to me coming in every week or so and started to be less worried about taking my money and even allowed me to sit for a while and read.

Normally this is where the story goes that I came to visit that often that they offered me a job and I helped out, learning more about keeping books, running a business and got to read everything for free.

Alas, when you are a shy 14-year-old,  these things you read in books or see in the movies don’t actually happen in real life, well not to everyone anyway.

So I just kept on visiting and buying and collecting.

I resisted the urge when everything went digital saying that I preferred the smell of a book to the online version.

The feel of a book in your hand rather than a metallic feel of a tablet, not to mention the constant cleaning of the screen due to sticky fingerprints and after all its better for your eyes than staring at a screen all day right?

But everything has its place and as I sit here on a beach in Thailand I can read the news, reply to friends via email, write this post for my blog and then go back to reading any number of books in my gallery.

The plus side?

Without having to carry around an extra bag full of reading materials, so I am glad I invested in one in the end.

So worth the cost, don’t you think?

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