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So another New Year to celebrate since I started this nomadic life back in 2017

Currently back in the UK for Xmas and New Year to spend with Mum, but so looking forward to returning to Asia.

This year it is all about family. Much awaited meetings with my adopted sisters from Thailand and Cambodia, along with my sister in the UK visiting Asia to see what all the fuss is about.

But also, my son and girlfriend will be coming to stay with me in Cambodia for a year. We will enrol him at a new school and looking forward to seeing if I can finally put some firm roots down in Asia.

If it works, shipping my personal possessions to Asia may finally mean settling down after half a century on planet earth.

To buy land in the heart of nature, building a traditional house surrounded by water. A place to grow food, keep fish and raise my son to be kind and respectful of people, animals, and nature and the environment doesn’t seem like a bad New Year’s resolution to try and keep.

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