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April 2022

Holiday in the sun anyone?

It’s more fun in the Philippines or that is their motto for tourism.

So just after the country re-opened, I decided to fly from Singapore where I was acclimatising to the warm weather again, to test the theory.

I spent the best part of a month in Davao, on the east side of Mindanao Island in the south.

Wonderful place, lovely people. I got to meet a few special people that will be in my life for a long time I think. More on that another time 🙂

Towards the end of the month, I landed back in Cambodia and enjoyed my first 75-cent beer in almost two years. Worth the wait I think. I missed Khmer New Year by a week or so, but the good news was that a few days after I arrived they lifted the restrictions on wearing face masks, so I could at least see the smiling happy faces of Cambodia.

Met a couple of ex-pats from Wales, and the US, living in Vietnam on their first visa run since covid.

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