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Bangkok, Thailand

One night in Bangkok and they say the worlds your oyster?


Well, I can see why it has pretty much something for everyone.
Culture, food, excitement, music, history, and entertainment.

A city of contrast, from some of the most beautiful temples and statues of Buddha anywhere in the world, alongside some of the most vibrant bars and clubs in the whole of Asia.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Wat’s or Temples are plentiful in Bangkok. There are the most popular ones listed below, but go off track and you are sure to find many that are not as busy with the travel tours. These can give you as much opportunity to take some good photos as the others. 

Wat Chakkawat Rachawat Woramahawiharn found somewhere near chinatown

Where to start?

New to Bangkok? I recommend visiting Bangkok.com website and spend time exploring this site before committing to where you want to see.

Be mindful that there top 10’s may be fine for you. But also delve into the site a bit more as there are many things on offer that may be of more interest than what they recommend. Look to find ways to get there as the tours they offer can be pricey and can be accomplished much cheaper if you feel confident enough to “go it alone”

There is no definitive top 10 as everyone will look for different things, but below is a list of many choices that should please almost everyone

  • The Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha
  • Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn)
  •  Wat Po- by far the best temple to visit
  • Asiatique -lose yourself shopping in a huge market as well as a mall together along the riverfront
  • Chinatown- shop, bargain and eat
  • Khao San Road- part of the old city and a backpackers paradise
  • Terminal 21- a very big shopping mall 
  • Soi Cowboy- bars and restaurants and girls
  • Chao Phraya River & Waterways- The river is the lifeblood of the city


Visual Stimulus

During the day you have many temples, statues and accompanying buildings to give you opportunities to take photos and really enjoy the colourful sights before your eyes. At night there is the markets, shopping malls, street views offering the same. Take advantage and snap away.

Part of the old city, great for hostels 


Make sure you have a few days free to explore and see this wonderful city, I spent 4 packed days and it still wasn’t enough. Give yourself time to enjoy the place as well.

Graham, 2018

If you can capture the Temples against the sun  it can be quite breathtaking, this photo doesn’t do it justice but hopefully gives you an idea.

My first visit, I was taken aback by the smell of everything from food, cars, pollution, some pleasant some not so, but as you walk around the city you get used to it all as it mixes together and the people gives a realness to the place.

… Try the street food vendors are everywhere.

Whether it is for a drink, Ice cream or pork satay or squid sticks to fried banana there are many choices of food from street vendors with their mobile stalls.

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