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Is Wat Pho the No1 place to visit in Bangkok?

Its very popular and recently celebrated its 230th anniversary of the monastery with a week-long festival with music.

I was lucky enough to go along during this week and it certainly was worth it!

During the week celebration there were several special shows put on over a few stages in the grounds, above was one of the traditional Thai ladies dancing which attracted a big crowd as well as a group of school children performing a modern style number.

If you only have a day you need to visit this place

I would say it is by far the best place to visit just for the buildings, ornate structures. 

The feeling of being somewhere quite spiritual without the added bonus of the festivities that were going on that week.

In fact, that just made it the more special.

Home to the reclining Buddha  

Impressive, the Reclining Buddha

Many heads of state and celebrity figures have over the years been visitors to this wonderful complex.

They come to pay their respects as it is a very auspicious place and seeing the large 46metres in length reclining Buddha is certainly a feat to witness


Here you will only find calm…

If you slow down and take your time to walk around the whole of the grounds you can see why it is popular.

Whilst the Grand Palace is very Grand and palatial.

It is also very busy and even if you spend the time walking around and not rushing with the crowds it still has an atmosphere of a tourist hot spot.

Wat Pho is different it has an air of calm and reflection.

Although it still does get busy, it is large enough and spaced apart for you to wander around and even if only a short time, you do find areas to yourself.


“When you arrive if you are early it may be worth visiting the Reclining Buddha first if the crowds are not too big, during the mid day time it gets remarkable busy and hard to get a good photo”

November, 2018

All the time you are there, the monks carry on with their daily life seemingly oblivious to all the fuss and tourists snapping away as if they are really in a world of their own.

The 230th Anniversay was between 1-11th November 2018

Opening Times: Daily 08:00 – 17:00 

Location: Maharat Road. Close to the river (about a half mile south of the Grand Palace), Old City (Rattanakosin)

Price: The current entrance fee for tourists is 100 baht which will increase to 200 Baht from January 2019

For more information check www.watpho.com


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