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February 2019

Chinese New Year in Cambodia!

So now entering my 6th-month travelling and whilst I have stopped for a while to appreciate the pace of life in Cambodia a bit more.

I am certainly not running out of things to blog about and enjoy,

Far from it, this month includes a few new experiences in celebrating Chinese New Year.

Learning of more places to visit in Asia from many lovely visitors passing through Kampot and of course, meet many more new Workaway volunteer teams on the farm.

Oh and a funny episode whilst doing a Visa run to Vietnam, where I unofficially never left Cambodia 🙂


Learning a few key phrases can make all the difference in a foreign country.

Cambodia is no different.

Som Bia Moi – one beer please

Som Tuek Moi- one water please

Bon Tup Tak – toilet

They will get you by in emergencies 🤣

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