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Mr. Sok’s Wedding

what a wedding, the highlight of my 12 months in Cambodia

I have learnt a lot living in Cambodia and thanks to this guy i continue to learn.

We had a action packed two days. I arrived on the first day around 1pm just in time for lunch and a beer 🙂

From then I was looked after by the groom’s aunt who although she didn’t speak any English managed to find a way to communicate with me and make sure I was where I was supposed to be during the start of the festivities.

We had so many meals during the 2 day wedding that I thought i was going to burst.

All the food cooked fresh at the house and it was amazingly good and so varied.

The many costume changes they had to go through was like something in a show in the west end. But then the culture here is that this wedding is the ultimate in family gatherings. They have a complete stage with dancing girls and singers to keep the guests happy during the nighttime.

Take me to your heart

Michael learns to rock…
The Song Mr Sok had sang for over a year until he found his true love.. and one which i wanted to sing with him at the wedding. Alas he was too shy to do it.

So having arrived on the 1st day in the afternoon to witness the blessing ceremony first by a guy who acts as a kind of orator to the proceedings. After gathering everyone together around a table with offerings of food and drinks he talks and blesses the couple.

We have a group of musicians who perform whilst the ceremony is going and the couple with them sing and pray for the wedding.

Afterwards a couple of monks arrive from the nearby pagoda and they bless the couple.

There is even a hair cutting ceremony 🙂

The first evening was good we only had a few guests, so I had time to sit with Sok and his friends. We shared a few drinks and laughs talking about what will happen tomorrow and how nervous he was. Effectively I guess a bit like the bachelor party albeit at home.

And under the supervision of his future wife and mother-in-law 🙂

Day 2 the wedding

The morning of the wedding was a very early experience. We woke at 3.30 am, well Sok did as he needed to get up and get ready.

I went back to bed until 5am.

His friends came to wake me and we all got up washed and dressed and then went for breakfast and when we arrived we started the proceedings.

After this we had breakfast again :0

Towards the evening of the 2nd day

We all went and changed costumes again. This time for most the last time, however the happy couple still had a another costume to wear.

Both Families united

The night time provided more guests, more beer and a chance for us all to get together and celebrate a truly beautiful day

Good luck to the married couple and I personally wish you all the best in the future.

The famous five

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