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Why I am doing this?

Well.. where to start, basically this is for me to appreciate life and this world of ours, before its too late.

To the many people who thought I would never do it, because I was too addicted to working and never made time for myself, well guess what I have🤣

I know if I leave it any later in life it will be too late.

So the plan is to return to South East Asia and explore more of where I have been for the last couple of holidays and to see how it is backpacking across the country.

Living in hostels and trying to work whilst abroad to earn my keep and allow me to stay as long as I can.

The purpose of this website?

To make an online diary of what I do.

Mainly for me to look back on when I am too old to remember

Already at 47, I am starting to forget that I visited a place on holiday or when I did and with whom. I don’t think I am going senile just yet.. but you never know. 😉

Its also to let family and friends back home see what I am experiencing and lastly to hopefully inspire more of our older generation to be brave enough to try it.

The name of the site

Nos short for Nomad Opportunities, Solved!

I will try and find opportunities for people to travel, whether on a budget or not

ME because it’s about my experiences travelling and the UK because that is where I am from.

Hope you enjoy

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If you like doing what your doing, do it until you don’t😉

For Mark a good Friend


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