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On the road

So whilst travelling across Asia, I chose to do the overland countries first.

Meaning I can travel from country to country without the high cost of flying. The fact that I really don’t like flying anyway helps this decision.


But I did expect to use the bus, train and maybe the odd taxi if the journey was short. Having a car can be a benefit but then over half the countries actually drive on the opposite side to how I am used to.

Not to mention the way they drive!

Now I have been in Kampot for over 2 months I have had to accept that the use of bikes is a valuable asset.

Currently, I travel by Mountain bike, my journey from the farm to Kampot town usually takes me about 1 hour

( it is about 15km)

But with it does limit how much you can travel and how far you can go, even if you are quite fit

So the prospect of renting a scooter seems more appealing, and even the potential of buying a small motorbike to travel further afield is slowly entering my head.

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