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June 2020

Who would have thought that a simple visit to the UK back in March intended to last 2 weeks would have put me still here in July four months later with no definite date for returning?

As Coronavirus or Covid-19 seems to become a way of life and the restrictions imposed upon the world look to become a new normal (at least for the rest of the year)

We find ourselves having to re-evaluate our lives as well as our plans. As a nomad traveller it has been hard to find myself having to be situated in one place by necessity not by choice.

Going forward?

The key I feel is to remain strong, determined and above all safe. We do not realise the dangers of spreading the virus to others who are less healthy and have underlying health concerns that we don’t know about.

The longer this pandemic goes on the more you see of people and how they handle things. Normally reserved people can show signs of frustration and anger that is not seen as the world slowly moves in a different path and pace than before.

Remember we all have a level to which we can cope with things. So keep an eye on loved ones and friends. Be willing to help them if necessarily and always try and give some kind of positiveness to peoples every day. Even if you don’t know them.

Family Portrait

So, after coming back to the UK in March, primarily to surprise my mum for her birthday. I have had to self isolate and then quarantine like the rest of the country. So after many months its great to finally get out, sample a coffee that you haven’t had to make yourself and see the most important woman in your life. My mum who has stood by me for many years and once asked me when I turned 45 what I intended to do when I grew up!!

Clearly she knows me better than anyone.

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