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A beautiful town down the west side of the Gulf of Thailand which is about 227km drive from Bangkok.

Great place to visit for a weekend by the sea, I happened upon it by chance whilst at a wedding.

If you are looking for  affordable accommodation to stay which is just outside the main area of guest houses and hotels slightly up from the beach area but close enough to get to then try this place

Clean, affordable and the owner is very pleasant, she gave us a warm welcome and made sure we had everything we needed and as you can see the bungalows are pretty spacious.

Hua Hin

Further up the coast of Thailand, we found a great little restaurant by the sea with lovely fresh seafood.

Where loaded with alcohol, we all needed to stop to replenish the stomach with food and of course more beer🙄


Don’t head out on a saturday morning about 10am as you hit the weekend traffic leaving Bangkok and this is quite a traffic jam.

I think it is a great place to spend a nice relaxing weekend, away from the big city and also away from the obvious places like Pattaya which is where most tourists venture on their trips to Bangkok.

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