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April 2019

I have a plan! or the beginning of one

My original plan for this month would have been to be finishing off in Myanmar, before travelling back down through Malaysia.

As I have found a temporary home here in Cambodia, things have changed slightly.

My intention is to still travel and finish my planned itinerary.

However, a bit like Brexit negotiations (one of the reasons I am here) 😁 I have extended my stay in Cambodia whilst I learn more about the culture and try to learn the language better, which I have to stay is extremely hard.

Once I have figured that out I will be continuing my travels onwards around Asia.

But will probably have time to do some travelling around Sept and October as the rains come down hard here and the farm itself will be quiet.

So this month consists of a few special volunteers on the farm.

Although all the volunteers have been great a few certainly stand out. Like a guy from India who doesn’t want to leave here either🤣

Nice to know it doesn’t just affect me. Also, a special lady from Romania who again didn’t seem to want to leave either.

Above all, I have two great friends who I am sure I will see again if not in Asia then their respective countries when I come to visit.

I will want to try their home cooking as they both proved a hit on the farm with their culinary skills.

Many funny moments and of course the 3rd New Year of 2019 and the important one as far as Cambodians are concerned.

This also gave us some amazing visitors to the farm including a mother and daughter from Italy who we really enjoyed having on the farm.

The mother originally from Eritrea who nows lives in Italy. Turned out to be such a food fanatic that not only did she try the amazing food on the farm, but contributed to cooking as she learned how they do things in the kitchen in Cambodia. Whilst I and her daughter discussed living in Cambodia as she worked and lived in Phnom Penh.

Hope to keep in touch Sara and maybe one day will sample some of your mum’s delicious home cooking.

Also, a few days to visit a friend in Singapore. Along with a couple of days on the island of Batam in Indonesia.


The Khmer language is very hard to get your tongue around literally, it has words or pronounces that are quite hard for western speaking languages to grasp.

Words can when spoken be interpreted as something else which can cause problems and a few embarrassing moments, so try to capture the words or break down the way it is pronounced.

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