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Koh Tonsai

Or Rabbit Island

As it is known locally, and it is very popular with the locals. On public holidays and Sundays, many locals grab a boat and head out there to spend a few hours on a lovely beach. Taking along food, water and beer, all freshly made from home or the local market in Kep.

The Island does have places to eat. However, it is more practical to bring food with you if you are only staying the day.

For the western tourists visiting and possibly staying overnight in one of the local beach bungalows that sit on the beach, I would advise against taking too much. Just grab a few things from the Market in Kep and buy the rest on the island.

What is doesn’t have

  • No ATM’s
  • No electricity except between 7 pm and 10 pm (roughly)
  • No Minimart or local Shop (only the basics are there)
  • No Wifi

What is does have

  • An amazing beach that allows you to relax and look out to sea.
  • Great basic accommodation in the form of Bungalows on the beach with beds, toilet, and privacy
  • reasonable phone reception (but trust me for 2 days you won’t care)
  • Great family spirit and welcoming people to make you enjoy the island

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How to get there?

If you are in Kampot then you can either take the Crab Shuttle boat which leaves Kampot and goes to Kep daily and is a good experience to see the

Alternatively, take a tuk-tuk which will cost about $10-15 dollars but get them to take you to the boat quay otherwise it is a bit of a walk from Kep market and beach.

Highly recommend this guy as he is not only one of the bikers who transport your bags to the beach but also runs a beautiful bar and bungalows and his son is very cute and funny and will entertain you upon arrival.

If you find someone at the boat quay that does speak English then ask them to ring him and book a place in one of the bungalows or just simply turn up.

Whichever you prefer, unless it is a public holiday I wouldn’t have thought it would be overwhelmed.

Once there you can hire a boat to take you to the island.

At this point, it is worth knowing that to charter a boat as a person or couple will set you back about $25 dollars, however as there are always many people going for the day try and arrange to go with another group.

I went with a friend and we tagged along with a group of three so we only paid $10


Be prepared to help out, both loading and unloading of the boat (your stuff and the people you share with) its all part of the experience and trying to get onto a rocking boat with your backpack is no fun.

Plus at the other end helping hit the beach and carrying stuff for the island is your way of aclimatising yourself to island life.

Once you are on the island you have two choices, either a long walk up a forest path to the beach with your bag or pay the $2 dollars and get the motorbike to take it. (amazing what he fits on the bike)

Once you are there, relax, grab a fresh coconut and appreciate the quiet tranquill life you are about to receive.

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