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September 2018

It’s finally happened!

I left England from Heathrow in September 2018 with the hope that I will travel around Asia visiting at least 14 countries on a 12-month travel plan.

I thought of it as a gap year for the older generation who didn’t have access to the internet when we were young.

Slightly overweight in terms of bags but underweight in terms of me personally.

So, maybe the clothes I am taking are going to be replaced soon by smaller sizes? 🤣

Anyway, I promise to share all my trips on this blog, mistakes, successes both funny and sad moments.

Along with the information that may well be useful to any of you out there who, are looking or thinking of doing

Something similar before this life of ours ends.



Wet wipes and a change of socks.

When we landed I headed straight to the bathroom, quick toilet stop and then changed my socks, bearing in mind we have been travelling for over 24 hours.

There is nothing better than a fresh pair of socks, makes your feet seem refreshed and ready to go again, even if the rest of you is tired.

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