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July 2019

Month 11th of my travels

Had to travel back to Singapore for a brief few days after finding both my Laptop and phone died in the same month.

Luckily for the purpose of leaving the UK and travelling, I carried extra stuff ( effectively 2 of everything apart from my glasses, more about them next month)

This is mainly due to the fact that working for many years operating a business meant I was lucky enough to have 2 phones and 2 laptops and rather than carry them with me I left with a friend in Singapore so it is a short trip to return and re-stock with supplies.

I met two young lads from Poland. Who are taking a break around South East Asia, from their studies to become doctors. They bought bags of energy and enthusiasm to the farm and helped out on a few projects.

Also a great guy and fellow traveller from Canada who is on a long term travel plan like myself.


Flights from Cambodia to Singapore are approx 2 hours or less, however as Singapore is 1 hour ahead of Cambodia it seems longer. One thing I have found is that if you change your watch to the time you are landing at, it is less confusing and I have been told that on long haul flights doing this helps with jet lag as you dont feel the time change as it happens from the start.

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