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Chinatown Heritage Centre

Holiday’s are about visiting new and exciting places, some local to us, others far away. If you are like me, then visiting faraway places intrigues me because of their culture, belief’s and customs as well as their History.

Being English comes with its own set of challenges when visiting other countries, whether it is the recent history of our place in the region or from a long time ago, we have certainly left our mark on the landscape virtually everywhere.
So whatever your views on the subject learning about the history of the place you visit is always a good point of interest and none other than what I found in Chinatown in Singapore.
Nestled in between the many shops and market stalls as you walk down Pagoda St is a 3-story building that houses possibly the best historical treasures in the world!

(okay that is my opinion, but it is definitely a place to visit)

For S$15 about £8.50 you can lose yourself for a couple of hours (yes really almost 2 hours) by visiting the history of SG. From its origins of a colony of the East India Shipping Company to present day, it charts to progress Singapore has made, the people that made it what it is today and how they all came to be integrated into a part of the world that at first seemed so far removed from their homelands.

Learn about the trials and tribulations of many types of resident that came to settle in SG and how they lived, worked and prospered. How they overcame many barriers and found themselves in a new world, where dreaming of returning home rich and prosperous quickly turned to despair for many. Yet they survived and helped build the foundations of what we see in Singapore today.

All of this is accompanied by your very own smart device where you can listen as you go around to the narration of each part of the dwelling and the history of Chinatown.

Take your camera as they allow you to take photos, just not flash or video, but it is well worth it.

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