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The famous Crab with Kampot Pepper

I have been here many times as it is very close to Kampot and the farm I have been working on.

Once called the Asian Riviera, it rivalled the south of France for wealthy locals. Complete with, during the protectorate times of the French, lovely colonial houses for the ex-pats to live in.

It seemed the perfect place. Although, most of the houses were demolished during the 1970s at a time of loss for the country in general.

Now it is once again the place for locals to enjoy a day out.

Cambodian’s work very hard and most work a six-day week so, on their one day off it is not unexpected for them to all descend on this little paradise where the beaches are clean and the wooden huts allow a family to set up home for a day and bring food, beer and music and enjoy the simple life.

I personally love to visit at night time on a Sunday. It is still busy with locals but there is space to find by the roadside. Here, you can order whatever local delights are on offer and sip a cold beer ( well warm beer with lots of ice in your plastic cup)

Grabbing a deal at the local crab market is an experience but if you know your fish then its worth visiting.

Alternatively, just go along and try one of the many stalls or shacks that will cook for you. Cheap and fresh you can literally see them pulling out the crabs as wait.

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