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10 Items to bring in your carry-on bag on your flight

So as we now start to travel again and look to take our first flight in a while. I thought it would be good to remember some important things in my opinion that are essential to take on your flight in your carry-on bag.

Obviously, it goes without saying that you need to bring with you, money, phones, a passport, etc but what about the things you don’t normally think will be needed. Especially if you are traveling long distances.

So here goes:

  1. Wet wipes ( antiseptic if possible). Covid has become something we will have to live with now, but that shouldn’t mean we need to let our guard down. Use these whether for yourself before eating or to clean down afterward. I also recommend on a long haul flight that they come in handy to clean hands, face, and even feet before applying a new pair of socks when you land.
  2. Spare underwear and a t-shirt. I mentioned above about clean socks, but if you are on a flight that has a transfer at some point, have extra clothes. Recently I had a 3-hour stopover in Dubai before flying to Singapore. However, due to reasons beyond my control, it turned out to be 3 days. My luggage had already gone on ahead without me. So having spares in your carry-on bag is advisable and quite sensible considering this.
  3. Hoodie or Jacket. Now I usually fly to warmer climates so I don’t normally think about extra clothing, but flights can sometimes feel colder, especially at night, and you may feel more comfortable. There is of course that added bonus of if you are stuck at the airport it helps as a pillow if you need a couple of hours sleep.
  4. Notebook and pen. How often have you had enough of gadgets, phones, movies, tablet, etc, and upon looking through the inflight magazine you find a good article only to find you don’t have enough battery life to use your tech to make notes? Writing also calms you and is a good distraction from boredom on a plane.
  5. Charging cables. Pretty much every plane has now the option for you to charge your phone or tablet, as do airports. Take advantage as we never know when we need that extra 20% battery.
  6. Eye Mask or sunglasses. Night flights are great but day flights can put you in a dilemma if you want to sleep and the person next to you, wants to have the window blind up, to enjoy the view.
  7. Some good music playlists you like or an audiobook or podcast. Whilst airlines try their best, I always find limited music to my tastes. so having my own is helpful.
  8. Tissues. No one likes to carry dirty handkerchiefs but having one or small paper tissues can make life simpler. especially for the next one.
  9. Mints, chewing gum, or boiled sweets. The last flight I was on the lady next to me had a coughing fit and my throat was dry, the flight was sat on the runway for over 25 minutes which meant no chance of getting a drink. Anything to wet your mouth.
  10. A duty-free shopping bag. If like me you try to make every kilo count having a few extra things can increase the weight. So whether you keep a spare one handy or just buy something from duty-free ask for a bigger bag than you need as it allows you to put a few extra things in and the airlines don’t check.

Hope that helps and I am sure you may find other things you will need. If you have kids there will be things that are essential relating to them, like a favourite toy or book. So whatever you bring with you just remember to enjoy your flight and holiday.

Relax and enjoy your flight!

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