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Siem Reap

A definite must-visit City in the whole of South-East Asia

Logical for visiting the Angkor Wat and the number of other temples but it has become a viable attraction on its own.

Night Market

Find a Hostel or Hotel close to the Angkor Wat Night Market which is one of the best I have seen and is a good starting point and situated well for pretty much everything else.

You can stroll around the really large market in peace.

Good Food

Whilst the people will be happy to talk to you and show you many things to tempt you to buy, they are not as pushy as in Thailand and it is a welcome relief.

In fact, apart from the Tuk Tuk drivers offering to take you somewhere

( and then once you explain where you are staying they leave you alone) it is pretty laid back.

I spent most of my nights walking around finding new and varied places to eat and never tired of the market.

There are the girls from the massage places that have to try and get custom and they can be quite demanding.

However, I just told them I am going to eat first and they tend to leave you alone.

However, if you do venture down the road well travelled and try a Cambodian massage please be wary of one thing.

They are more interested in massaging bananas than your back 😂🙄



Cambodia operate a twin currency system, that of US $ and Cambodian Riel

“When getting money out of the ATM be wary to ask for multiples of 100’s if you choose dollars, which is easier and better used. Mainly because it is sooo hard to exchange a $100 bill. Opt for  $180-190 instead of $200 so at least you get some small bills”

There are many nice restaurants to sit and eat and it is nothing like what you imagine a collection of bars to be like in Asia.

Seeing large groups of people and families happily eating together with no problem is a great way to feel comfortable and enjoy what is around you.

The food is very varied and although I am still getting to know the authentic Khmer food here it is not as spicy as Thailand.

If I am honest I do miss that, but it has its own flavours too.

A fish or Chicken curry has a sweet texture and is beautifully prepared and I guess is a nice change to what I became used to in Thailand.

They do provide a lot of Thai dishes here but just remember they are not going to taste the same as in Thailand.

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