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Traditional Cambodian Wedding

So how lucky am I?

First, an invite to a Traditional Thai wedding now a Traditional Cambodian one as well.

This time its because I have been working on the Pepper farm.

Getting to know my co-workers on the farm and feeling like part of the family I felt privileged to be asked.

The farm Manager’s son was getting married to a local girl from the village and I was cordially invited to enjoy the evening dinner on the 2nd day ( Cambodian weddings typically last for 3 days)

Below photos from the early part of the night. After many courses of food and many many beers, things started to get a bit blurry.

Then, Ollie, our fellow work away volunteer came running back to the table to say he had found a local bar 😃

Which consisted of lots of locals sat around a shop drinking rice wine(more on that shortly) and watch Kickboxing

After a few rounds of rice wine, we paid the bill which was about 1 US dollar for about 4 of us 🤣

I have to say, the Cambodian’s certainly know how to throw a party and they go all out at a wedding,







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