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June 2022

Home for the next 12 months

New place, new beginnings

So finding a real gem in Kampot proved to be easier than first thought. This lovely little house was the 9th one we viewed, and both decided it was perfect for what we needed.

Space upstairs for Jason, my fellow nomad from Canada, to share the costs but still have our own space.

Downstairs for me because it means having a kitchen to practice my Asian cooking.

Having a few friends around and our first cooked meal

A Good Year?

The purpose of this year is to explore the authentic side of Cambodia and the Khmer lifestyle. Ultimately, I will know if it’s a place I can call home for the rest of my life. Learning more about the culture and daily life.

But, also how seasons impact having a home and garden here is important as well.

We have a long rainy season ahead of us, which is changing so much because of climate change. This year the dry season had long weeks of consistent rainy spells as well, which affected crops and livelihoods.

Moving here and deciding to live here means understanding the consequences of these changes and how they impact what I want to do.

I love Cambodia for lots of reasons, not least the people and the food. But the question is can I cope with the long rainy season where you are limited in what you can do?

Being used to rainy seasons in England, the added benefit here is the place has warmth, but equally, it can be spoiled by mosquitoes, insects, power outages etc. After all, It is still a developing country.

Coping with the dry season where you can reach 40 degrees and the high humidity is easier, and I have acclimatised myself to working in the heat. So, the question is whether or not I will cope with the rains daily.

We shall see in 12 months.

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