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Oxford University

Dominus Illuminatio Mea, The Lord is my Light

The pride of the world.

Whether you are a Dictator or the son of an Earl.

Or a potential Prince or Prime Minister.

The one thing in common is that there is a good chance they will end up being educated at either Oxford or Cambridge. (other universities are available)

My preference has always been Cambridge but then I have my reasons and I will explain them when I reach.

But Oxford has its favourites.

One of the competitors in the famous Boat race. This university has its history dating back to 1096 or so they say.. Thus making it the oldest teaching establishment in the English speaking world and second to Bologna as the continuously operating academy in the world.

So it’s no surprise that 3 of the most recently famous PM’s of the United Kingdom, namely Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and our current Bod Mr Boris “sitch in time saves nine” Johnson, known for his stance of Brexit, affinity with Donald Trump and his lovely funny quips whilst dealing with Covid-19 have been educated here.

Now you understand why I prefer Cambridge LOL

Worldly travellers

Other distinguished luminaries amongst many are:

T.E Lawerence, Gertrude Bell and Sir Walter Raleigh all notable fellow travellers who obviously did more than I have done. But wait … there is still time for me yet.

All seems very quiet and its is at least a pleasure to see things in a way we haven’t had a chance to see before.

An old film from the 80s starring a very young Brat pack star called Rob Lowe is worth a watch to see how it works…

Oxford Blues 1984 remake of A Yank at Oxford 1938

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