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We all need a roof over our heads. Whether that is a permanent one or as a nomad a temporary one. There are many ways in which to stay whilst travelling, from Hotels and Hostels to Airbnb and Homestays, here I will experience them all.

As i discover all these on my travels i will be experiencing the hospitality of people, cultures and far off countries. Some will be more welcoming than others i suspect but after all, we are on the planet together all trying to live a good life. So i hope to find that goodness in everyone.

Sleeping under the stars

Sometimes all you need is a tent and a sleeping bag, and one of the pluses to travelling around Asia is that the heat is more preferrable to the cold at night.

Companionship can help as well. So during my travels it will a pleasant surprise to share my journey with some friends, both old and new.

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