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April 2020

So, normally on all of my posts, I give you a preview or brief insight into what I have either got up to this month or planning too.

However this month and probably the next few months it will be quite blank.



In years to come, people will talk about this virus as a world changing event.

The planet will have time to repair itself from all the damage we humans have done to it. Maybe it will change the way we think and act? or maybe not?

Who knows?

But I think people will start to care

Viral videos such as this are now going to be around forever

This has been a worldwide pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and infects to this date over 2 million people and counting.

Countries will go back into recession and in the foreseeable future austerity will get worse.

Around the less developed world people are having to choose between catching the virus and possibly infecting someone will die from it, or starving because they have no money for food.

Whilst the developed nations and I can count myself lucky to belong to one will help the people who cannot work. Countries such as India, the Philippines, most of South America and Africa do not have enough or lack of government support to help the millions of people in poverty.

However, there are some good things to come out of this.


The seas and oceans started to grow new life again.

In Venice, the rivers have fish swimming again, as clear waters return, where, before there was nothing but cruise ships and polluted waterways.

Cities in India are now clear of air pollution as no cars venture out on the roads.

If only we could cleanse the world for a month every year to help it recover?


People started to care about each other.

When someone asks you if you are okay, they actually mean it and wait for your answer.

People are spending time with the loved ones they are isolating with.

Families are becoming closer.

We have started to care about older and vulnerable people in our neighbourhood

Not all good news on the environment front though, as we revert back to single-use plastic as an alternative to slow the virus spreading. Waste will be unprecedented in the coming months as tissues, toiletries are used to stretching point. In the early days of this pandemic, countries saw supplies of these things literally flying off the shelves.

The only question is whether or not we will learn from this and afterwards, will we seriously look at our food supply chains. Can we try and be more environmentally savvy and grow things closer to home?

But alas I suspect that once the virus is over, we will increase pollution from manufacturing and transport to turn economies around and try and stop a recession happening again.

So I guess we must enjoy the time we have together and our prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones.

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