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Singapore F1 Grand Prix- day 1

First ever Grand Prix I have seen. The only night race on the whole circuit and certainly, in my opinion, the one to see if you enjoy racing.

I had the pleasure of being invited to witness the 3-day event commencing on Friday 14th Sept which saw practice sessions for the F1 cars along with Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and Ferrari Challenge Asia Pacific sessions.

Complete with entertainment throughout the day and night featuring Bjorn Again, local artists TheLioncityboy, Miss Lou, ending with King of Asian Pop Taiwan legend Jay Chou

More to Grand Prix than Lewis Hamilton

I was surprised by how much more there is to a F1 Grand Prix. The sheer size of the event makes your realise that whatever your feelings about the race itself being dominated by one person, it certainly is a major achievement to put on.

Additional races such as Porsche and Ferrari in their respective cars that look more suited to the roads than the track.

We spent hours walking around looking at what they huge machine produces in terms of merchandise and revenue streams. Food outlets from hot-dog stalls to full sit down restaurants that have been built in a few weeks to cater for the thousands of people visiting for the 3 days.

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