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Can you stay in Singapore on a budget?

My plan with doing this trip?

 To see if I could travel on a budget of  £500 per month through each country?

The Big Test

The test would be in Singapore as the cost of living here is hugely different from many other countries I aim to visit in South East Asia.

Across Asia I have found lots of ways to save money.

Involving working for your bed and food, to budget places to stay, hostels and Airbnb.

If you have a bit more cash you can upgrade to hotels or better accommodation but I wanted to give people a view of what is on offer.

I also wanted to visit places that I could blog to everyone and hopefully encourage more people to visit.

So did I do it?

Coming up to my last week in Singapore and the question is whether I stuck to my budget or did I go over it?

Typical food at a hawker centre


Eat at food markets and Hawker centre’s where each stall has specialist dishes that they cook really well.

You have a great choice of types of food and the cost is so cheap that the majority of Singaporeans eat here rather than cook at home

Hostels are located in good places like Little India


Having been here before I was lucky to have met friends here which allowed me to stop with them so I had saved money by not spending on accommodation.

However, most hostels here which, give you a bed in a dormitory will set you back approx £50-70 per week.

So at the worst, you can expect to pay £280 for a month.

Now bear in mind that in all honesty spending a whole month in SG is probably too much.

Although there are many things to see it can be done quicker than 30 days.

Or like I have done in the past, break it up and spend a week here, then move on to other places and come back.


Chinatown is a place to visit if you are looking for presents, good bargains or just browsing for gifts.

Orchard Road if you want to spend some serious money, everything from your top international brands to local products in Tang’s Plaza or Lucky Plaza.

HIGHLIGHTS OF MY TRIP- payable places

Marina Sands viewing area cost S$23                                                        Raffles Long Bar S$28 for a Singapore Sling, go with a friend to experience the atmosphere more                                                                          Chinatown Heritage Centre S$15 (exceptional value) one of the best things I have done on my trip here.

October, 2018

Masjid Sultan Mosque in Kampong Glam Malay Heritage District


  • Marina Bay Sands hotel and shopping complex- for the experience
  • Marina Bay Sky-park observation deck- for the views
  • Raffles Long bar – Singapore Sling if you are a Gin drinker
  • Clarke Quay- for the nightlife
  • Boat Quay -for the spicy Singapore Chilli Crab
  • Little India for traditional food
  • Chinatown- for the atmosphere
  • Sentosa Island for the kids
  • Aquarium -if you Love fish
  • Masjid Sultan Mosque -for culture


£565 FOR THE MONTH, “Just over what I planned to spend but still not bad for the month in one of the most expensive countries in S E Asia”

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