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Clarke Quay

Ask any local to Singapore and everyone has heard of Clarke Quay, home to many bars and restaurants and the odd club it is an area that pulsates with colour, music, the smell of food and an atmosphere that is not the norm.
However being on a budget it is also expensive, many people cannot simply afford to pay the prices of the bars and although the food is amazing and world class, it can also set you back financially.

But even if it is just to walk around the bars and savour the atmosphere and watch the river cruises go by it is well worth a trip over to see it. There is plenty to do and there are green areas further down past the bars where you can sit and just watch the world go by.

If people watching is your thing, then find a corner of one of the many bars, grab a coffee and watch as the day turns into evening and the people walk past on the way home or stop off for a quick beer as the evening sunsets.
You will even find the odd jogger dodging past the thrall of visitors, tourists and workers walking aside the river.

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