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November 2020

So this month is not a great one. I have lost a great friend to covid-19.

Working with him for over 5 years he became a great work colleague and a close friend after I left work and went travelling. He used to messaged me virtually every week to check how I was doing.

It makes you realise how precious life actually is and how little time we have. He was close to retirement and already had his camper van ready to travel the UK once he could.

I will miss you mate..

Thankfulness is important

I am thankful for many things in life but certainly for those below:

Breathing, Living the dream, Having ideas, having thoughts, being me.

For a willingness to learn, for people who care, for people who love me.

For family, for friends,

For the people, I have yet to meet.

For the people, I won’t forget

For the people, I may meet again

For what may happen and for what has already passed.

For me being able and willing to change my life my way!

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