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Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok

The Grand Palace, Thailand

No Visit to Bangkok or even Thailand to be fair is complete without visiting the Grand Palace, and  Wat Phra Kaew home of the  most sacred of all Buddhas, the small but revered Emerald Buddh

… Visitors need to pay 500 Baht
 (£12) for entry .

Home to the Thai King for over 150 years its architecture and fabulous intricate detail makes Buckingham Palace look like a stately house rather than a Palace.

As well as being the main spiritual heart of The Kingdom, it used to house state departments and government offices. 

Take lots of photos

I recommend walking around first so you can get your bearings, there is always large tour groups and you can get swept along with these and miss some good places to get some good photos from.

… You are not allowed to photo or film the Emerald Buddha.

When you enter the temple you will need to removed footwear.

Be respectful and not take photos or videos and be quiet as it is a place of worship and therefore there will be local Thai people moving forward to give thanks, it is okay to watch but be mindful of conversation and try to keep to a minimum.

Dress correctly

Dress correctly, both male and female must have long pants or dresses covering below the knee, no open shoulders.

So ladies wear a cover over your shoulders and guys no vests or tank tops, t-shirts or shirts with sleeves that cover your shoulders.

There is also something about having bare feet so if you have sandles or filpflops, it may be worth taking a pair of socks just in case. 
Prohibited clothing includes shorts, mini-skirts, tight-fitting trousers, any see-through items of clothing, sleeveless tops,

If you turn up unplanned and don’t have the required clothing, you can either buy from local sellers outside the Palace walls or alternatively, there is a place just inside the entrance where you hire clothes – deposit required.

… You can enter and walk around some of the grounds for free.

There are many walkways you can shelter under from the heat, all lined with awe-inspiring murals depicting the palace and its grounds in ancient times with beautiful colourful images


Bring water or at least a bottle to fill up as they have machines inside where you can get water from, it was 32 degrees when I went and it was very hot, you can buy some there but only before you enter once inside there are no stalls to buy from.

October, 2018

Remember it is worth planning to come here, as it does get extremely busy and during 12-3 lunchtime, it is incredibly hot and busy with many tour groups

Grand Palace is open

every day from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Address for Directions: Grand Palace, Na Phra Lan Road, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200 +66 02 623 5500

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