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Pulau Ubin

Being an Island itself in South East Asia Singapore has a uniqueness about it.

From its early independence it has had to fight for everything even relying on getting its water supplied by neighbouring Malaysia.

So you would be forgiven for thinking that being quite small it has to utilise every inch of land at its disposal to generate a self-sustainable economy.

It would have little time left let alone space to protect and keep some of the most beautiful nature reserves as well.

But having the advantage of having a few small islands around the mainland it has produced many options for the Singaporeans to visit and enjoy nature and once such is Pulau Ubin.

(just off the north-east coast and close to neighbouring Malaysia)

Here you will find beautiful walks and bike trails which will take you back to one of the last places you can see the old Singapore of the 1960s 

Kampong lifestyle which was the native village in many countries across South East Asia

Preserved a Chinese Kampong house

A kampong house

Just a thatched hut by the stream,
But it stays long in my lingering dream.
A kampong house that gazed upon the sea,
Obscured by blossoms and bushes under a tree.

Along the old Changi beach at night,
I strolled in solitude with silent feet,
And saw new houses, flashing in floodlight,
Mock a lost kampong on a dim and dusty street.
And men will dream, and dream and forever dream,
Of the carefree kampong and its old-time grace.
Some grew weary, watching the towering city gleam,
Seek the kampong magic in the old kampong place.

(Andrew Yip), 2008

Link to the blog of the author of the poem below


I love the Poem and it captures beautifully the contrast between the island and the mainland the old and new of Singapore.

A great place to stop for a drink, the guy has lived here all his life.


“Bring cash as there are no ATM’s or places to pay with card, also good footwear and a hat to help with the heat, I also recommend renting a bike as the trails go off into the hills and its worth it for the easiness of getting back to the boats”

Graham, October 2018

It is also a great place to camp the night, it has some beautiful clean beaches on the other side of the island overlooking Malaysia.

But it is worth letting the authorities know you intend to camp overnight just in case there are any emergencies.

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