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January 2021

So Happy New Year and lets see what it will bring.

The cold is here and snow has arrived a little late for xmas but still people can enjoy plenty of fun for a few days.

Vaccines are starting to be passed around the world. Lets hope that the developed countries help the less developed ones with making sure everyone has the chance to have the vaccine. Otherwise this virus will never go away, because as soon as someone travels to or from a developing country it will be passed around again.

One thing I have noticed is how well New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany as well as Scandinavian countries seem to be dealing with the Pandemic, well compared to the US, UK and some of Europe.

Why you might wonder?

Well, my personal opinion is three things,

  • Strong leadership
  • Decisive and quick decisions
  • Faith in their leaders

In the cases of Singapore and Germany they have very strong leaders who have been in charge for a long time and have a proven track record of doing what it takes when it is needed.

Both New Zealand and Taiwan the leaders are strong women who have proven they have what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

Across Scandinavia they have leaders who have the trust of the people a bit like in China. How did China contain the virus in a country with so many people and during on the biggest migrations of people on the planet?

China’s economy has bounced back after months , whereas the UK and US might take years.

Which does beg the question what are Italy, France, Spain as well as the USA and the UK doing wrong. Is our political systems at fault ?

Are our leaders to obsessed with self prestige and public personna to make the right call?

Why do we in the west have little faith and obedience in following our leaders?

Have we become to “free” to listen to reason.

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