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Do you want to stay in a Hotel?

So, being the most obvious place to stay when you go on holiday or travel anywhere in the world will be a Hotel.

After all, it is why there are over  200,000 of the damn things globally. According to Booking.com

But do we really want to stay in the same 4 walls, showing the same style of painting with a regular smart TV hung on the wall?

Not really, but I understand the need for them.

If you are travelling away on business and do not have the time to source a restaurant, you need an early wake-up call. Late-night room service or maybe access to facilities like a gym.

I have done this many times in the past.

Maybe as a family, you need comfort and somewhere to entertain the kids during the day. A pool, a play area Hotels have it all. Plus if you are on a budget then all-inclusive for a large family can really benefit.

Many of my friends have needed this option.

Distance from reality

But for the world traveller, backpacker or nomad, not only is hotels a bit high on the budget but it keeps you at arm’s length from nature, culture, and reality.

Well for me at least.

Yes, sure you can get a cheap room now and again, I will always look at a bargain as you can spoil yourself and be a prince for a night. ( or a princess)

However to feel the real vibe of a city, look for a local place, guesthouse, etc and enjoy it.

Guesthouse in Thailand for around $20 per night


Hotel room in Singapore at about $65 per night








I have done a few and will continue to look for a good one. There are a time and place for staying in one and I will be the first to admit that.

But use them sparingly and plan your trip well.

Obviously, if you are on your honeymoon then don’t scrimp on the money, else you may find yourself divorced rather quickly.

Did you know?

The first Hotel as they are known now was established in 1768 in Exeter, England. whilst prior to this being built, there was something called Coaching Inns, which in essence was the first place where you paid for accommodation on a short-term basis.



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