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Want to see the History of Thailand in a day?

So Thailand is a big place and you don’t know where to start? If you are near Bangkok then visit here, as you can view the whole of Thailand in one place 🙂

OK, not quite, but it has replicas of many of the historical sites in Thailand, which is probably why it has been dubbed the largest outdoor museum in the world.

Set in over 100 acres and more and in the shape of Thailand you can explore many years of culture in one place, packed with many temples, shrines and ancient ruins where you can take great photos and also find some amazing views over the park, it is a good place to visit.

With plenty of places for food including air-conditioned restaurants, food stalls and a market where you can buy souvenirs and clothing at a great price.


“I recommend arriving in a car, but if you don’t have one, then you can rent a little buggy to drive around (similar to a golf cart) just make sure you have a driving license. The place is huge and is too big to walk around, however, you can hire a bike if you feel you need the exercise” 🙂

Graham, November 2018

You can spend hours walking around the grounds, visiting each area and learning about the history dating back hundreds of years.


“They have audio devices you can borrow for free and as you walk around they give you information relating to the history of the place. Well worth it”.

 November 2018
  • Prices for non-Thai adult visits
    ฿700 baht per person, however if you book online at the website I believe its 
    ฿ 600
  • Childern
  • Buggy hire
    ฿350 for the first hour
    ฿200 per hour afterwards
  • bicycle hire is FREE
  • Tram travel is 
    ฿75 per person
  • Bring your own car 


Actual address:

Ancient City296/1 Sukhumvit Road, Bangpoo,Samut Prakan 10280

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