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May 2021

So this month is my Sisters birthday. So we are off to a local village where we get to see a local band .. Live music at last. It seems like forever since I have been to a pub, let alone live music.

Even with a few restrictions due to Covid. It was still a good night

A few birthdays of friends and loved ones.

Still working in England and still believe I can escape soon to warmer climates.

If you still watch the news then Covid is still the number one topic. But vaccines in the west are becoming the main talking point.

More because developing countries are struggling to get enough quantities as the developed wealthy nations are purchasing more than they need in advance of production.

Great for the pharmaceutical companies and for the developed population of the world.

But what about everyone else?

Have we forgot about the last year and the compassion we shared for every nation in the world who suffered at the hands of this virus?

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