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May 2022

So back in Cambodia and looking to experience the real Cambodia.

I already found a good scooter that saved me from hiring one, and I have worked out that it would have paid for itself after 6 months.

Now to look for a house to rent. I have agreed to share a place with a fellow volunteer/traveller from Canada, who actually stayed in Cambodia during covid and my plan is to stay for at least a year more.

I started by spending time at the farm, where I spent much of my 2019 working and helping Bo Tree become a beacon for Kampot Pepper. When I left we had on average 4 volunteers helping the 3 full-time local staff welcome, serve food and explain about the famous pepper to approximately 30-40 visitors per day.

Then Covid 19 came along and practically destroyed tourism. No visitors meant the volunteer program closed for 2 years and the staff had to find other work.

I promised to return and help get the program going again and once it has become successful again I can move on to other things.

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