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Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani  (City of Lotus)

Situated to the east of Thailand. This beautiful city has a lot to offer you if you want to escape the typical tourist places and see the real Thailand.

I had been lucky enough to stay in a place that was approx 14km away from the main International airport in Ubon. Here, it is very much a rural area, farming plays a big part in this. It is also where very little western tourists tend to venture.

Because I was there for a few days, I became the talk of the town. As I was sat in restaurants with friends I had met in Bangkok, many of the friends and family came to visit us. Just to say hello, inquisitive perhaps about a strange white guy in the town.

Viewing Thailand in a different way

If you are willing to escape the tourist areas like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pii, you will discover the real Thailand. You can find the real Thai people who are genuinely friendly. They are really helpful and interested in seeing westerners, rather than seeing them as a cash cow.

Great food and a nice place to visit and you will see everyday Thai’s going about their business, working, eating and living a normal life.

Did you know?

Situated on the bank of the Mun River which flows down through the province. Ubon, as it is known, has many Buddhist traditions. One that the city is famous for is for monks living in the forest. There is an international Forest Monastery called Wat Pa Nanachat here. Which is home to non-Thai monks from all over the world. Here they learn the traditions of Buddhism. As a man, you can spend several days there to mediate. However, you need to observe the rules and have respect for there tradition

If you want to stay longer then you are expected to shave your head and any facial hair including your eyebrows whilst you are there.

Maybe I should try? Fancy a new look 😂





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