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Author - graham

Late Traveller and facilitator looking forward to sharing my travel journey as I backpack around South East Asia and maybe the world.

January 2021

So Happy New Year and lets see what it will bring.

The cold is here and snow has arrived a little late for xmas but still people can enjoy plenty of fun for a few days.

Vaccines are starting to be passed around the world. Lets hope that the developed countries help the less developed ones with making sure everyone has the chance to have the vaccine. Otherwise this virus will never go away, because as soon as someone travels to or from a developing country it will be passed around again.

One thing I have noticed is how well New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany as well as Scandinavian countries seem to be dealing with the Pandemic, well compared to the US, UK and some of Europe.

Why you might wonder?

Well, my personal opinion is three things,

  • Strong leadership
  • Decisive and quick decisions
  • Faith in their leaders

In the cases of Singapore and Germany they have very strong leaders who have been in charge for a long time and have a proven track record of doing what it takes when it is needed.

Both New Zealand and Taiwan the leaders are strong women who have proven they have what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

Across Scandinavia they have leaders who have the trust of the people a bit like in China. How did China contain the virus in a country with so many people and during on the biggest migrations of people on the planet?

China’s economy has bounced back after months , whereas the UK and US might take years.

Which does beg the question what are Italy, France, Spain as well as the USA and the UK doing wrong. Is our political systems at fault ?

Are our leaders to obsessed with self prestige and public personna to make the right call?

Why do we in the west have little faith and obedience in following our leaders?

Have we become to “free” to listen to reason.

December 2020

If someone had told me this time last year, all that we would have experienced in 2020. I would have smiled and said they had a very amazing imagination.

What the future holds is uncertain. Especially the next few months as we enter into a possible 3rd wave of the pandemic in Europe and maybe even 4th in Asia. Once the vaccines start to be given to the population will this help us to get back to normal or just change things more?

Looking ahead to 2021 and hopefully vaccines and safer travel I hope we can all remember what we went through this year and try and change our way of life.

Maybe life will be changed for us anyway. Things we took for granted before might not come back as they were and therefore we will have to adapt.

I hope I have learnt enough to be able to change and move forward. The question remains whether or not the people in charge of our countries have learnt anything?

From the emergence of Covid-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement. Lockdowns, quarantines, and curfews with governments asking, telling, and commanding their citizens to obey social distancing rules and stay safe. Masks, hand sanitizing, and social bubbles have become the new buzzwords. Changes in Governments and policies will have to happen as there is no way back to how the world was. The shutdown of whole economies across the world is making people think we need a reset!

But there are two ideas behind this the one of the people thinking we can save the planet and the ones that feel it is a conspiracy to control our lives.

Which one is correct is open for debate and will take a while for us to fully get our heads around it.


I welcome 2021 and everything it will bring

November 2020

So this month is not a great one. I have lost a great friend to covid-19.

Working with him for over 5 years he became a great work colleague and a close friend after I left work and went travelling. He used to messaged me virtually every week to check how I was doing.

It makes you realise how precious life actually is and how little time we have. He was close to retirement and already had his camper van ready to travel the UK once he could.

I will miss you mate..

Thankfulness is important

I am thankful for many things in life but certainly for those below:

Breathing, Living the dream, Having ideas, having thoughts, being me.

For a willingness to learn, for people who care, for people who love me.

For family, for friends,

For the people, I have yet to meet.

For the people, I won’t forget

For the people, I may meet again

For what may happen and for what has already passed.

For me being able and willing to change my life my way!

Oct 2020

As the month of my birthday starts I expected to be spending this time on a beach in the sun. Surrounding by beautiful ladies.. well maybe one at least.

But as we have all found out this year, Covid has decided to teach us all a lesson in planning our lives too much.

The world has changed, possibly forever and we need to embrace change if we are to get past this and not continue to live in the past.

So celebrating my 50th was done on a smaller scale and with less Perzazz than I had anticipated all those years ago when I dreamed of what I would be doing on my 50th year on this planet.

But the thought of revisiting my nomad life again soon is enough to keep me focused and making sure the rest of my 50th year will bring some memorable events.

Oxford University

Dominus Illuminatio Mea, The Lord is my Light

The pride of the world.

Whether you are a Dictator or the son of an Earl.

Or a potential Prince or Prime Minister.

The one thing in common is that there is a good chance they will end up being educated at either Oxford or Cambridge. (other universities are available)

My preference has always been Cambridge but then I have my reasons and I will explain them when I reach.

But Oxford has its favourites.

One of the competitors in the famous Boat race. This university has its history dating back to 1096 or so they say.. Thus making it the oldest teaching establishment in the English speaking world and second to Bologna as the continuously operating academy in the world.

So it’s no surprise that 3 of the most recently famous PM’s of the United Kingdom, namely Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and our current Bod Mr Boris “sitch in time saves nine” Johnson, known for his stance of Brexit, affinity with Donald Trump and his lovely funny quips whilst dealing with Covid-19 have been educated here.

Now you understand why I prefer Cambridge LOL

Worldly travellers

Other distinguished luminaries amongst many are:

T.E Lawerence, Gertrude Bell and Sir Walter Raleigh all notable fellow travellers who obviously did more than I have done. But wait … there is still time for me yet.

All seems very quiet and its is at least a pleasure to see things in a way we haven’t had a chance to see before.

An old film from the 80s starring a very young Brat pack star called Rob Lowe is worth a watch to see how it works…

Oxford Blues 1984 remake of A Yank at Oxford 1938

Sept 2020

Travel plans anywhere can be disrupted at times and I learnt that much in Asia.

A Bus in Cambodia can make a 2 hour journey seem (literally) like 5.

But due to the Corona Virus travel plans have taken a more serious turn.

Starting to get move things moving over the last few months has proven hit and miss.

Now the UK, much like the rest of the world is facing a potential second wave of infections which is again limiting travel both home and abroad.

We face an uncertain time and with no exact end in site of when this world pandemic will eventually end.

But it does beg the question should we accept that going back to the way things were is something we might never achieve?

At least I managed to see my brother who after 2 years of travelling for us both, we managed to find ourselves in the same place together.

Family Portrait

Always a pleasure to meet up with this guy. My brother from another mother, who for over 10 years I shared a working environment with him at a business centre I used to manage. We had some good times and some trying times including his fight for “leave to remain” in the UK which turned out to be a success and I am so proud of this guy that I am honoured to call him my Brother.