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Who says places filled with tourists can’t still be beautiful?

So it has a reputation for sex workers,  streets filled with bars and clubs as well as ladyboys but if you are willing to look further than Walking Street you will find many a good thing in Pattaya and its surrounding area.

Visit a not so well known beach called Sai Kaew, which to get to you have to go through the Thai Naval Training Centre

But once there its a great little beach that although gets busy always seems to have space for you to sunbathe or just sit in the shade.


Sai Kaew Beach is about 20 km south of Pattaya and if you have a car it is well worth the trip out there.

Be aware though go early as foreigners are not allowed on the beach after 6pm as its reserved for locals

Beware of the Monkeys though as they have a tendency to go through your bags when you not looking to find whether your food taste is acceptable 🙂

Away from the bars and clubs,  further down Jomtien beach has a few golden nuggets

There is a bar on the beach that becomes alive (literally) as the sunsets and the beach becomes deserted

Mainly Thai people go there, but you will always be made to feel welcome and the food is mouthwatering

Maybe because you are sat on tables on the beach looking into the sea.

Or the vibrant sounds of the music coming from the bar,

Or maybe its just the surroundings, the company you’re with or the cocktails they serve but it is a real treat as it is the only one along, a beach stretching for miles.

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