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So what a year!

I should have left Cambodia in January and actually stayed all year. Visiting Vietnam took until October to finally get there albeit for 3 weeks or so.

I loved Sapa and climbed my mountain.

Fell in love with Hanoi and it will hold a very special place for me forever. I will visit again but I doubt it will have the same impact as my first time.

The first visit to a country that I thought wouldn’t have much appeal… Myanmar. How wrong can one be!

It is a place that offers so much and maybe just maybe a place where I can spend a year there as well… who knows?


The pepper farm @BoTree

What can I say that will fit here on this page. Memories will live forever of many good people that passed by both as volunteers and visitors as well as the farm workers and family. Next year I will leave and although there are many things which could keep me here forever,  it takes only one to make you change your mind.

So many people I have met and learned so much from. Good friends who will last a lifetime, a few who will I guess lose touch over time ( but that is life)

A couple of special people added to my life and one who I will remember forever, helping me learn so much about myself.

Let’s hope what they taught me will continue into next year.

Who knows!

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