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December 2020

If someone had told me this time last year, all that we would have experienced in 2020. I would have smiled and said they had a very amazing imagination.

What the future holds is uncertain. Especially the next few months as we enter into a possible 3rd wave of the pandemic in Europe and maybe even 4th in Asia.

Once the vaccines start to be given to the population will this help us to get back to normal or just change things more?

Looking ahead to 2021 and hopefully vaccines and safer travel I hope we can all remember what we went through this year and try and change our way of life.

Maybe life will be changed for us anyway. Things we took for granted before might not come back as they were and therefore we will have to adapt.

I hope I have learned enough to be able to change and move forward. The question remains whether or not the people in charge of our countries have learned anything?

From the emergence of Covid-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement. Lockdowns, quarantines, and curfews with governments asking, telling, and commanding their citizens to obey social distancing rules and stay safe.

Masks, hand sanitizing, and social bubbles have become the new buzzwords.

Changes in Governments and policies will have to happen as there is no way back to how the world was. The shutdown of whole economies across the world is making people think we need a reset!

But there are two ideas behind this the one of the people thinking we can save the planet and the ones that feel it is a conspiracy to control our lives.

Which one is correct is open for debate and will take a while for us to fully get our heads around it.


I welcome 2021 and everything it will bring

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