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May 2019

What May this month bring?

The finish of the harvest of pepper, rains arrive? and a weekend relaxing on Rabbit Island as well as my first Hash in the form of Bokor Bike Hash.

Quieter on the farm since the early days of December when I arrived,

Wow has it been that long already?

I made some great friends from South Africa and clearly, this nomadic life I have chosen seems to have no end in sight.

I will certainly be looking to meet them again on their farm in 3 years’ time when they return from their world adventure.

Enjoy your trip, my friends🤞


Important to eat a good meal a few hours before as we were starting at 2pm which is still hot over here, and although I drank plenty of water and carried a few bottles with me, I know I needed the energy so was glad I had taken a chicken and avocado salad beforehand.

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