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March 2019

Working Visa sorted!

So finally got around to changing my Visa from a 3o-day monthly tourist visit to an Ordinary visa.

This allows me to stay and work longer in Cambodia rather than keep doing the visa run every month.

The working permit will allow me to stay here for 6 months to a year and work on the farm hoping to equip myself with new skills to help me going forward.

Also, I managed to take some time off from the farm and visit Bangkok for a few days to enjoy the city for a while and experience a river cruise.

Attend another Cambodian wedding🙂

Plus, no month would be complete without a mistake or two, which on this occasion meant missing a flight 🙄


Most budget airlines will to save money operate a shared checking desk at some airports, this means that check-in times can be shorter so make sure if travelling cheap you arrive with plenty of time, otherwise you could find that check-in has ended and you will miss your flight.

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