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Exit from Brexit

I chose to leave even though I wanted to remain… That is I wanted to stay in Europe and yet when the result came in and we started to realise that there was no turning back, I became determined to leave the UK and find some other place to live.

It seemed easy at the time, but as the year went on, many things started to leave me feeling like it was a bad idea. Leaving the UK without a plan meant I was either crazy or I had a lot more hope and confidence than anyone thought.

Flying without Wings

A bit like getting on a plane without any wings!

Or even as a country leaving Europe without any clue as to what we were going to do🙄

Destination Unknown

When I look back on the year from now as it is December 2019 it feels like a distant memory.

Also feels like the right decision.

I wish I knew then what I know now, but then it wouldn’t be the same I guess. So having the chance and options to try it again after learning more about myself is a blessing.

What I want out of life and how life changes you is something I am still learning.

I just hope I can understand more, learn more, and progress in a positive way each year forward.

March 2019

Working Visa sorted!

So finally got around to changing my Visa from a 3o-day monthly tourist visit to an Ordinary visa.

This allows me to stay and work longer in Cambodia rather than keep doing the visa run every month.

The working permit will allow me to stay here for 6 months to a year and work on the farm hoping to equip myself with new skills to help me going forward.

Also, I managed to take some time off from the farm and visit Bangkok for a few days to enjoy the city for a while and experience a river cruise.

Attend another Cambodian wedding🙂

Plus, no month would be complete without a mistake or two, which on this occasion meant missing a flight 🙄


Most budget airlines will to save money operate a shared checking desk at some airports, this means that check-in times can be shorter so make sure if travelling cheap you arrive with plenty of time, otherwise you could find that check-in has ended and you will miss your flight.

October 2018

Land of Smiles

I landed in Thailand, after taking a short flight from Singapore.

Don Mueang is not the main airport in Bangkok, but for where I will be staying for the next month or so it’s ideally suited as it only costs 170 baht (£3.90) in the taxi from the airport to my apartment.

It is worth checking out where you are stopping as both airports are in different areas of the city.

So it is sometimes cheaper to get a flight to the one closer to your accommodation than try and travel across the city as the traffic can be very very bad.

Muang Thong Thani


My plan is to just get into the culture here. So I have found a cheap apartment in an area that is pretty much local for Thai people and therefore a bit off the tourist trail.

So, I have to learn the language quickly as not many people here speak English.

Having said that we have many top outlet shops here. A huge food court and plenty of local food stalls, which similar to Singapore are situated close to the apartments.

If you walk down any street you are sure to find a coffee bar. A street vendor selling all kinds of amazingly tempting food. Many places you can simply sit down and order food, not to mention the odd bar or two.


“Try the street food or local stalls under the apartment blocks, first they are cheap and delicious, second you feel more comfortable, people tend to stare at you when you are not a local and being a farang (Caucasians) you tend to stand out anyway.”

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