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Sept 2020

Travel plans anywhere can be disrupted at times and I learnt that much in Asia.

A Bus in Cambodia can make a 2 hour journey seem (literally) like 5.

But due to the Corona Virus travel plans have taken a more serious turn.

Starting to get move things moving over the last few months has proven hit and miss.

Now the UK, much like the rest of the world is facing a potential second wave of infections which is again limiting travel both home and abroad.

We face an uncertain time and with no exact end in site of when this world pandemic will eventually end.

But it does beg the question should we accept that going back to the way things were is something we might never achieve?

At least I managed to see my brother who after 2 years of travelling for us both, we managed to find ourselves in the same place together.

Family Portrait

Always a pleasure to meet up with this guy. My brother from another mother, who for over 10 years I shared a working environment with him at a business centre I used to manage. We had some good times and some trying times including his fight for “leave to remain” in the UK which turned out to be a success and I am so proud of this guy that I am honoured to call him my Brother.

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